Super Sports Day

What a wonderful morning we have had taking part in Sports Day 2019. Over this half term, we have been learning how to improve our running technique, balancing skills and our partnerships. We have learnt how to cover a short distance in the quickest and most efficient way.

We needed to remember:

  • To keep your head up and looking the way you are running.
  • Move opposite arm to leg.
  • Swing your arms from your shoulders.
  • Keep running all the way past the line.

It was a close race for the ‘Balancing the Bean Bag Race’. Whilst we were practicing this race we tried many different techniques to see which one was the most effective. Some of us thought it was better to run with the bean bag on our head but needed to keep picking up the bean bag when it dropped. Others decided they would take it steady and walk but with a little bit of speed. They were able to balance the bean bag better than those who ran!

Slow and steady wins the race!

Another balancing race that we found a little tricky but we persevered to improve each time was the ‘Egg and Spoon Race’. We needed to make sure we kept one hand behind our back to make sure it was a fair race. Those eggs were a little wobbly!

Our next race was the ‘Bean Bag Relay Race’. This was a race all about tactics. In our P.E. lessons we tried lots of different ways to complete this to decide which one was the fastest. ” I think getting the last bean bag first will be the quickest way.” Rohan. “The fastest way will be getting the first one straight away!” Declan.

The final race was the trickiest but the most fun! We had to find a partner that we felt we would work well with. This race needed good communication, teamwork and perseverance. This was the ‘Three Legged Race’.

Native American Visitors

This afternoon we were lucky to be visited by some real life Native Americans. They taught us traditional singing, dancing and games. We even got to join in with the ‘snake dance’. We learnt all about their lives and living in a tepee. Did you know tepees are made out of buffalo skin and the women are in charge within the tepee. The children learnt about their clothing and the differences between male, female and children. Some of us even got to try on some of the clothes and headdresses. We are really excited to find out more about Native Americans.

Easter-Hot Cross Buns

In R.E. we have been learning about the Easter story and how Christians celebrate Easter. We found that they send Easter cards, have Easter eggs and enjoy hot cross buns. We discussed as a class what the cross on the hot cross bun symbolised. The children were able to discuss the link between the cross on the hot cross bun and the cross Jesus died on. We also discussed whether Easter is a sad or a happy festival and the children debated their thoughts. As a class we decided Easter is a happy time because Jesus was risen. As part of our learning about Easter we worked in teams to bake hot cross buns and even washed up after ourselves.

Intra Competitions – Dance and Gymnastics

This week the children in Years 1 and 2 have been performing their  dance and gymnastic routines from this terms P.E. learning.

In Gymnastics the children in Year 1 learnt how to move across the floor in different ways, at different heights and different speeds. They learnt how to travel over mats and benches in a safe way ensuring their routines had a clear start and finish position.

We performed our finished routines to our friends in Years 1 and 2 and Miss Rea and Miss Fraser marked our performances. 

Congratulations to the Green team who won the competition overall with the most amount of points. 

In Dance, the children in Year 1 listened to the story of ‘Handa’s Surprise’.  They learnt how to retell specific parts of the story through their movement in dance.  They learnt to move in different speeds, heights and as different animals.  The children worked in pairs to retell the story through the medium of dance.

We performed our finished routines to our friends in Years 1 and 2 and Miss Rea and Miss Fraser marked our performances.

Design and Technology

In Year 1 we have been learning about how wheels move and what they need to move. We discovered that vehicles need an axle holder, axles and wheels to move.

As we have been reading the story of the ‘Three Billy Goats’ we designed a vehicle to get the three billy goats across the bridge without the troll seeing them. We learnt about different vehicles and deciding which would be best for the purpose we needed it for. After we had designed our own vehicle, we then made our designs using boxes, paper and other materials we found around school. We had to make sure our wheels moved and tested them to see if other materials would be better.

Finally, we evaluated our vehicles to see how we could make them better and made suggestions for what we would change if we were to make them again. We found that most of the children would prefer to use smaller boxes next time as the wheels were too small for the larger boxes.

Our finished vehicles are on display outside Year 1.

Ice Skating Fun!

What a fantastic afternoon day we have had today on the ice rink. Everyone in the class was brave enough to give it a try. It took a bit of getting used to to begin with but we soon all got the hang of it. We had a little bit of help from the polar bears and penguins which made it a little easier for us.

Twycross Zoo Trip

We have had a fantastic day at Twycross Zoo with Year 2 and ARP today.

We first went to the Discovery Centre where we learnt about different habitats and adaptations of animals. We talked about the different habitats around the world and which animals would live in these. Next we found out what things helped the animals live in their particular habitats- what adaptations the animals had to mean they could live in their habitat.

Next we met two of the animals from the zoo, we met a tortoise and a cockroach. The children were all given the opportunity to meet and greet the animals if they wanted to.

After that, it was time for lunch- we were all very hungry.

After lunch, we were so excited to go and see the penguins. It was feeding time and some of them even came out to say hello.

Later on we went in our groups to explore the rest of the animals at the zoo. We had a wonderful day!

Sorting animals into groups

This term in Science, Year 1 have been learning how to sort animals into different groups.

We first learnt about sorting animals into groups by what they eat. We learnt three new, very big words- carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

We worked together to put the animals into a Venn diagram by reading facts about the animals and deciding which group they should go in.

Following that we have learnt a different way to organise the animals.

We learnt 6 new groups to sort the animals into. Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Insects, Mammals, Fish.

Shared Reading

Our friends from Year 5 joined us this morning for an Ice World reading group.  We looked at lots of different fiction and non-fiction books linked to our topic.

What a lovely morning! Thank you Miss Kindon and Year 5.


News just in!

It’s amazing everyone, our egg has hatched!

We were shocked to discover this morning that the egg had a crack in it. We were watching it very carefully when Nicky suddenly noticed that the shell had moved, it had been nudged a little.

All of the children in Year 1 were so excited, finally it hatched and a little baby penguin came out!

We thought of some different names for our penguin and as a class voted for our favourite.

Please meet Biscuit.

Luckily the children in Year 1 are are doing a fabulous job of looking after him. They are taking it in turns to take him home and write in his home diary.