Super Sports Day

What a wonderful morning we have had taking part in Sports Day 2019. Over this half term, we have been learning how to improve our running technique, balancing skills and our partnerships. We have learnt how to cover a short distance in the quickest and most efficient way.

We needed to remember:

  • To keep your head up and looking the way you are running.
  • Move opposite arm to leg.
  • Swing your arms from your shoulders.
  • Keep running all the way past the line.

It was a close race for the ‘Balancing the Bean Bag Race’. Whilst we were practicing this race we tried many different techniques to see which one was the most effective. Some of us thought it was better to run with the bean bag on our head but needed to keep picking up the bean bag when it dropped. Others decided they would take it steady and walk but with a little bit of speed. They were able to balance the bean bag better than those who ran!

Slow and steady wins the race!

Another balancing race that we found a little tricky but we persevered to improve each time was the ‘Egg and Spoon Race’. We needed to make sure we kept one hand behind our back to make sure it was a fair race. Those eggs were a little wobbly!

Our next race was the ‘Bean Bag Relay Race’. This was a race all about tactics. In our P.E. lessons we tried lots of different ways to complete this to decide which one was the fastest. ” I think getting the last bean bag first will be the quickest way.” Rohan. “The fastest way will be getting the first one straight away!” Declan.

The final race was the trickiest but the most fun! We had to find a partner that we felt we would work well with. This race needed good communication, teamwork and perseverance. This was the ‘Three Legged Race’.

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  1. What a fabulous sports day year 1! You were all fantastic! I was particularly impressed with your strategic approach to the three legged race! Well Done!!

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