Mysterious Mail!

This morning Mrs Mayo delivered a very special letter that had come in the post. We opened the letter to find out what it was about. It was from our new friend called Norma who had lost something over the Christmas holidays. We had to solve the clues to find the next clue.

The final clue told us to make sure we look high and low to find the precious item that Norma had lost. After some super searching Jenson found an egg in the fridge.  It was a very large egg!

We decided we would help Norma by keeping the egg in a safe and warm place. So we looked around the classroom a thought the best place for the egg would be in the reading corner, wrapped up in a blanket in front of the heater.

Later, we predicted what might be in the egg.

“ I think there is a terrifying dinosaur inside the egg.” Hudson

“I think there is a poisonous snake inside the egg.”


“I think there is a fire breathing dragon inside the egg.” Joshua

“I think there is a fluffy penguin inside the egg.”


What do you think might be inside our egg?

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  1. How exciting year 1! I do hope it’s not a fire breathing dragon as I don’t have a risk assessment for one of those! It’s good to see you are taking such good care of your egg – please let me know of any developments!

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