Ice Skating Fun!

What a fantastic afternoon day we have had today on the ice rink. Everyone in the class was brave enough to give it a try. It took a bit of getting used to to begin with but we soon all got the hang of it. We had a little bit of help from the polar bears and penguins which made it a little easier for us.

Twycross Zoo Trip

We have had a fantastic day at Twycross Zoo with Year 2 and ARP today.

We first went to the Discovery Centre where we learnt about different habitats and adaptations of animals. We talked about the different habitats around the world and which animals would live in these. Next we found out what things helped the animals live in their particular habitats- what adaptations the animals had to mean they could live in their habitat.

Next we met two of the animals from the zoo, we met a tortoise and a cockroach. The children were all given the opportunity to meet and greet the animals if they wanted to.

After that, it was time for lunch- we were all very hungry.

After lunch, we were so excited to go and see the penguins. It was feeding time and some of them even came out to say hello.

Later on we went in our groups to explore the rest of the animals at the zoo. We had a wonderful day!

Sorting animals into groups

This term in Science, Year 1 have been learning how to sort animals into different groups.

We first learnt about sorting animals into groups by what they eat. We learnt three new, very big words- carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

We worked together to put the animals into a Venn diagram by reading facts about the animals and deciding which group they should go in.

Following that we have learnt a different way to organise the animals.

We learnt 6 new groups to sort the animals into. Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Insects, Mammals, Fish.

Shared Reading

Our friends from Year 5 joined us this morning for an Ice World reading group.  We looked at lots of different fiction and non-fiction books linked to our topic.

What a lovely morning! Thank you Miss Kindon and Year 5.


News just in!

It’s amazing everyone, our egg has hatched!

We were shocked to discover this morning that the egg had a crack in it. We were watching it very carefully when Nicky suddenly noticed that the shell had moved, it had been nudged a little.

All of the children in Year 1 were so excited, finally it hatched and a little baby penguin came out!

We thought of some different names for our penguin and as a class voted for our favourite.

Please meet Biscuit.

Luckily the children in Year 1 are are doing a fabulous job of looking after him. They are taking it in turns to take him home and write in his home diary.

Mysterious Mail!

This morning Mrs Mayo delivered a very special letter that had come in the post. We opened the letter to find out what it was about. It was from our new friend called Norma who had lost something over the Christmas holidays. We had to solve the clues to find the next clue.

The final clue told us to make sure we look high and low to find the precious item that Norma had lost. After some super searching Jenson found an egg in the fridge.  It was a very large egg!

We decided we would help Norma by keeping the egg in a safe and warm place. So we looked around the classroom a thought the best place for the egg would be in the reading corner, wrapped up in a blanket in front of the heater.

Later, we predicted what might be in the egg.

“ I think there is a terrifying dinosaur inside the egg.” Hudson

“I think there is a poisonous snake inside the egg.”


“I think there is a fire breathing dragon inside the egg.” Joshua

“I think there is a fluffy penguin inside the egg.”


What do you think might be inside our egg?

It has gone very cold!

The children in Year 1 have returned from their Christmas holidays to find the classroom has been transformed into an amazing Antarctic landscape. We have lots of penguins in the classroom and there is a rowing boat in the ocean for our home corner. There are pretty lights, snowballs and lots of snowflakes.

Do you like our classroom?


On Wednesday, we had some special visitors join us in school to teach us how to do some Bhangra dancing.  We have been learning about Diwali in class, so to celebrate this special occasion we had a go at Bhangra dancing with Year 2 and ARP 1. 

Yesterday, we made some diva lamps out of air dry clay.  It was quite tricky to begin with, but we kept on trying and our diva lamps so far look quite good.  We will  until  they are dry before we paint them to look bright and colourful. 

Remembrance day Celebrations

Today, we finished off our week with a very special Remembrance Day Assembly.  We talked about why this year was an extra special year and how we celebrate it.  We heard some special memories of soldiers in the war from two children in our school whose family members were brave and courageous during the war. The whole school learnt a new song specially for the assembly – It’s a long way to Tipperary’. We also performed our ‘Knees up Mother Brown’ dance with Year 5. 

We decorated our classroom with beautiful poppies. 

After the assembly, the judges were ready to start sampling the whole schools delights in the ‘Bake Off Challenge’. The entries all looked delicious. 

Year 1 joined, Year 5, Year 3, Nursery and ARP for a lovely Tea Dance. We had some war time nibbles and danced to war time songs.  A great time was had by all. 

Bake Off Time

As part of our Remembrance week, we have been invited to take part in the whole school ‘Bake Off Challenge’. We needed to produce an entry that would have been made during the wartime. 

We had special visitors who were invited to attend the celebration so they could judge the competition. Judges scored creations based on (out of 10 for each area):

  • Taste (No soggy bottoms please!!)
  • Aesthetics (how it looks)
  • Authenticity ( e.g. use of rationing/ traditional recipe, etc)
  • Originality (any thing goes 😁)

Year 1 decided to make’Grandma’s Orange Drop Cookies’. We worked together this afternoon to do our best for the judging panel. 

Here are some of the photos of us making our cookies. 

Here is our’Showstopper’. 

What do you think?  Mary Berry would be amazed! Well done Year 1 for working so well as a team.